Thursday, March 26, 2009

Writers Block

I have been useless at blogging recently. The reason for this is not really very good. I have not been on holiday. I have not been doing anything extremely exciting AT ALL!!!! This lack of excitement has led to a lack of inspiration, which means that I have not blogged FOREVER!!!!! That is well rubbish!

I have had things to write but I have not felt the inclination to actually sit down and do it. It really has not helped that I usually blog while i am at work and recently work has been rather fun and exciting and the people I have been working with are jovial and happy so I have been having too much fun to focus on blogging. It also does not help that we have been quite busy with the Draper Temple open house (now that is a blog worthy topic, I really should blog about that this week!) and every few seconds I have to stop to answer a phone call. This is not usually a problem but recently it has caused me to loose my train of thought which is actually rather frustrating.

So I just gave up!

But then...

I got this phone call from and older gentleman (my guess is he was about 90) and this was the call! I just HAD to share it!

He called and asked for the Gynecological Department for the Church.

I asked him to repeat the department

So he said (slower) ‘Can I have the Gynecological Department of the Church?”

So I said, well, what exactly do you need?

And he said (like I was the most stupid person on earth) “My Family History of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ok! He meant GENEALOGICAL department!!!!!!!!!!!

I did almost wet myself!!!!!