Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dollar Store Gift Cards

Who in the world buys a gift card for someone from the dollar store???!!!!!!!!

I admit that I would secretly LOVE to have a gift card for the dollar store and I would be totally thrilled if someone bought me a gift card, but I really cannot imagine that anyone would actually by one for someone else.

And just so you know, if you were ever tempted to buy me a giftcard from the dollar store - i would love it and would not be at all offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Learner's Permit!

As of Wednesday this week I am the proud owner of a learners permit!! Woop woop!
(Please insert copious amounts of applause here...)
I studied (a little) and went to take my test and I got a lovely little paper permit! oh yes! how totally exciting. The only thing is that I went driving around and am totally scared to death, I started off on the wrong side of the road(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - oops!) and too close to the curb, why are the roads so flippin big over here?? It makes me so nervous to have that much space, it feels like I am driving in the middle of the road. I much prefer to be in a smaller space. I know that doesn't really make much sense, but I really am more secure with less space.
Anyway, I can now officially learn to drive and I am rather chuffed with myself to be truthful! So to celebrate my little achievement towards true independence, I bought a few traffic cones and a DIY car from the dollar store, which i made Jim assemble for me at work yesterday and I practised driving my car around my traffic cones in his office! It was so fun and now I feel that I can take on the actual road with a little more confidence!
Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introducing... Paper Katie and Other Paper Adventures...

The full story is not really as exciting as it first would seem. Katie e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago and said hat she was really missing me, and that she just wished that we could go for lunch together. Well I had a little bit of a brainwave and decided that we could go to lunch together after all, just not in a conventionally physical way. So, I printed off a picture of my paper sister from her facebook photo's cut her out and took her on to temple square for a delicious sandwich from the Nauvoo cafe, and managed to snap a few pictures on our walk back to work. I even managed to involve the general public by asking unsuspecting visitors to take our photo's which most reluctantly did. Katie managed to even fall into the reflecting pool, and had to be fished out by some lovely boys who happened to be on hand for a Young Men's activity before she drowned!!! I posted the evidence on facebook - so you can check it out there to - complete with comments. It got a little wild!!! Anyway, it has now kind of escalated with paper adventures with Jamie and also a wild paper adventure marathon for my mom's birthday in 3 different restaurants (not all in the same day!). It has been the most fun I have had with paper people in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Veterans Day Concert Preparations

A friend of mine has a community choir, and he is arranging a FANTASTIC musical concert to pay respect to the service men and women that have served their country and given their lives. My part?? Decorating!!!!! I am having so much fun planning this one. It is going to be amazing. I will post details on here when it gets a little nearer and hope you can all attend!

Meanwhile, here are some photos of preparations:

Covering Mr Claus...

The ugly magnet board - as is.
So I bought the boards from Deseret Book after Christmas last year in their sale for $1.99 for a box of 12!!! They have an ugly Santa face on them but they are magnetic and so I thought I could use them for something!!

Then I had a marvelous idea, when I was growing up I had photos and notes and important information that I needed and wanted to keep but did not have one place of my own to put stuff, so I decided that if I scrapped the boards with cute paper and added some of my lovely new purchases from Staples that were on sale then I could give them as christmas presents to my cousins who could use them to collect all of their important things and keep them in one place! Functional and cute!!! I love it!

Abby's Mia's McKenzie's
So here are a couple of examples for ones I have started so far - they are not yet complete - but I was too excited to wait any longer to post some pictures!